Financial Mapping - Plan

Recent studies show that 1 in 2 Kiwis worry about money daily or weekly, and 59% say financial stress impacts their overall wellbeing.

While factors like rising house prices, high interest rates, and inflation are beyond our control, managing our financial wellbeing is within our power. It starts with understanding your current financial state, personalising a strategic plan, and taking action.

Whether overcoming uncertainty and planning stability means reducing debt, improving cash flow, purchasing property, quickly paying off the mortgage, or saving tens or hundreds of thousands on interest payments, our Financial Mapping service is your roadmap. We uncover your 'blind spots' and help you gain clarity on your financial position and goals. With our expert guidance, you can anticipate your risks, tackle obstacles, and maximise opportunities.

With our personalised financial map and ongoing support, you can confidently plan, protect, and prosper towards your version of a Healthy Wealthy Life. Ready to take control of your financial future? Contact us today to start your journey towards financial clarity and success.

Financial Planning for Savvy Kiwis

Jess & Matt's Financial Mapping Success Story

These legends are proactive professionals with a mortgage and two kids. They faced a challenging financial situation, struggling with high interest payments, rising insurance premiums, and inadequate retirement savings. To overcome these obstacles and achieve their version of a healthy wealthy life, they reached out to us for a personalised plan and strategy.

By working with us, Jess and Matt achieved remarkable results:

7 years

cut off their mortgage term - reducing their debt faster and saving them hundreds of thousands


saved in interest payments -
freeing up funds for goals like family holidays and other investments


more in their KiwiSaver -
securing a brighter future for their retirement

Chart Your Course to a Healthy Wealthy Life

Financial Mapping
Plan and strategies to get you where you aspire to be.
*$1200 + GST
Understand exactly where you are financially and create a clear roadmap to where you want to be.
Customised support for your needs. We’ll address and sort out any financial areas you want help with.
Identify potential risks and opportunities in areas like KiwiSaver, Insurance, Spending Plans, Mortgage Reduction strategies.
Receive a personalised Strategy Plan as your comprehensive guide (valued at $450).
Immediate steps and long-term strategies that align with your lifestyle and goals.
Enjoy 12 months exclusive access to our top-notch financial mapping software (valued at $350 pa).
Turn financial matters into a simple, understandable and actionable plan.
12 Month Review: A 15-minute catch-up to monitor progress.
Book a 15-min Exploration Call

Why Invest in a Financial Mapping Session?

  • Save time, money, and stress. Gain clarity and peace of mind knowing you have a solid plan.
  • Maximise your financial potential. Identify opportunities to enhance your wealth and security.
  • Achieve your goals faster. With expert guidance, accelerate your path to financial freedom and success.
* Fee may vary based on the level of complexity, time and resources required. We believe in rewarding action and commitment. Therefore, we're happy to waive our fee if you choose to take up any new Life, Trauma, or Income insurance products within 3 months following our Financial Mapping advice session. It's our way of saying thank you for trusting us with your financial journey.

Clients Sharing their Financial, Insurance & KiwiSaver Success

As an ex-UK forces Paratrooper Engineer and having been on countless operations and jumped from numerous planes, I believed I was invincible. Moving to New Zealand with my family and ensuring our security, we organised a meeting with Jaime to see what our options were. She helped us understand that we were the biggest asset to our lifestyle. Sarah and I took both Income Protection, Trauma, and Life Insurance to guarantee financial cover should anything untoward happen. Four months after taking the cover, I experienced a cardiac arrest and severe head injury while competing in an Ironman event. Jaime was involved immediately, and as per the policy, I received a payout for Trauma cover. Income Protection cover kicked in and due to the severity of my injuries, I am still continuing to receive this nine years post event.  Having income protection has meant we have not had any financial stress for what has been a very testing decade. The balance of cost against the risk of something like this happening was absolutely worth it. We know that our financial security would not be where it is today had we not taken the Trauma and Income Protection policy.

During this time, my wife Sarah required a metal rod inserted into her tibia, which meant time off work for recovery. During the whole process, her Income Protection covered costs and continued until she was fully recovered.

I endorse Jaime as the most personable professional I have dealt with.

Steven & Sarah Nadollek

The meticulous financial mapping session provided a comprehensive overview of our current and future financial state. Jaime and her team astutely identified that we were over-insured, paying excessive insurance premiums, and being charged high KiwiSaver fees. They sorted all these issues, including mapping out our property investment portfolio so that we could make smart choices on buying, holding and selling. They are nothing short of exceptional, delivering outstanding service and providing transformational financial guidance. I am a huge advocate and refer all our clients and acquaintances. You can be sure your family is in the most capable and caring hands!

Tapere H & Shane K

A huge thank you for all your help taking care of my Income Protection insurance claim. It takes a tremendous amount of financial pressure off. This means I can focus on healing without having to rush back to work. What a relief!

K Turnage

As a single father of two, working with Jaime and her team was a game-changer. Their financial expertise provided comprehensive family cover without breaking the bank, even including covering my kids for free! Their financial advice and guidance on KiwiSaver have also put me on a better retirement track. I highly recommend Jaime and her team for fellow parents. They exceeded my expectations!

Patrick K

We found the discussion on our financial future valuable and wanted to call out your pragmatic and data-driven approach. We enjoy working with you and your team. You are responsive and proactive, we genuinely believe you have our best interests at heart.

Jo and James

We greatly appreciate our meeting and helping us find a more suitable life insurance plan. We are truly impressed with how if we stick to the plan and manage our budget wisely, we can potentially pay off our mortgage sooner. What's even more crucial is that we can look forward to a comfortable retirement.

Ambah & Met

Thanks again for meeting us, it really opened our minds on how to attack our debt and made us feel a lot more comfortable and confident with paying off our mortgage.

Mike V

It was such a pleasure meeting you and discussing financial planning, property and insurance. You’re positive, easily relatable and your personable skills shine through chatting to you. I will certainly be recommending you. Thank you for all your help.

Karin T

Fantastic advice and customer service! We will definitely recommend you to any of our friends considering their insurances.

H Compton

I found the session very valuable. While finances in general are a 'serious' topic, you created a relaxed environment where I felt very comfortable to share my current circumstances and goals. Thank you for your advice and taking care of my insurance and KiwiSaver.

L. Sue

Super helpful and informative. I'm excited to try and make future decisions with updated, accurate and forecasted info!

Jillaine H

It’s always a bit awkward with recommendations in case they don't work out! My friends couldn't be happier with the service you have provided them with! It's lovely to hear that they had the same experience as me.

Jody C

Expert Financial Advice
Can Make or Save You Thousands

Our expert strategies can save you time, money, and stress.

Financial Mapping

Whether transforming financial stress into success means reducing debt, improving cash flow, purchasing property, quickly paying off the mortgage, or saving tens or hundreds of thousands on interest payments, our Financial Mapping service is your roadmap. We help you gain clarity on your financial position and goals. You can anticipate risks, tackle obstacles, and maximise opportunities.


Frustrated with increasing premiums? Overwhelmed by jargon and countless policies? Worried if you have the right insurance and if it will support you at claim time? We tailor affordable, sustainable, and effective insurance plans to meet your specific needs, potentially saving you thousands in premiums. Let us help you structure your cover wisely and support you through every step, including claim time.


Many Kiwis dream of a future filled with exciting travels, owning a mortgage-free home, and enjoying a comfortable retirement. Yet, many miss out on thousands by not optimising their KiwiSaver. Transform your KiwiSaver from just a savings fund into a powerful investment strategy. We assess your risk tolerance, investment timeline, and objectives to optimise your returns, taking your KiwiSaver from average to Woohoo!

Your Journey with Us: What to Expect

Financial Advice, Insurance & KiwiSaver from Jaime James

Connect & Clarify

Let's start with a brief, meaningful phone call to understand your challenges, priorities, and goals and we can answer any questions. We'll then book an initial online meeting to begin your journey from financial stress to success.


Strategy & Action

During the meeting, we'll help you with a personalised financial roadmap, insurance strategy, and KiwiSaver optimisation. You'll receive a comprehensive summary and an actionable plan to achieve your goals.


Ongoing Support

Dreams change, economies shift, events happen. As your goals evolve and new challenges arise, our team is here to help you adjust your plans and strategies to continue achieving your Healthy Wealthy Life.

How does the Financial Mapping process work?

Our unique process is a comprehensive assessment to understand your financial goals, challenges, and present situation, leading to a tailored strategy. Our software enables us to give you a visual snapshot of where you’re at and the impact of different scenarios on your financial goals. Before our meeting, we ask you to provide information that helps us understand your personal goals, circumstances and finances.

What makes your service different from other financial planners?

We focus on 'healthy wealth,' ensuring you enjoy life's journey and not just the destination. Because we start with the financial mapping process, the choices you make are truly personal to you. We don’t cut corners, so you have the best experience.

Can you help with property investment?

We don’t assist in finding, buying, selling, or conducting any other transactions related to properties), however we can show you how an investment portfolio can affect your wealth, and using our financial mapping software, show you how investment property purchases or sales can affect your future.

How do you tailor strategies to individual clients?

By understanding your personal aspirations, current financial state, and long-term goals.

Are there any hidden fees?

Transparency is key. We discuss all investment upfront.

Do you provide guidance on insurance?

Absolutely! Insurance is a pivotal part of securing your financial future. If you want to grow your wealth, insurance is critical. So, we help our clients find the right level of insurance cover for their health, life, mortgage and income.

Learn more about Insurance

How often will we review our financial plan?

Regular reviews are crucial. We typically recommend annual assessments, but this can vary based on individual needs.

Can you assist with debt management?

Certainly! Reducing debt and optimising cash flow are among our specialisations.

How soon can I expect results?

Every client's journey is unique. Some changes are immediate, while others, like investment growth, take time. As soon as you take action you’ll be on the road to getting the results you’re looking for.

Why is 'healthy wealth' important?

It ensures a balance between enjoying the present while building a prosperous future. So you can go and live your most awesome life and have beautiful experiences that make incredible memories.

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