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The A-Team to guide and support your
Healthy Wealthy Life

We're often thrown into financial decisions without a manual. Our school days didn't equip us with the skills to navigate investments, mortgages, or insurance fine print.

Fast forward, and here you are - a homeowner, dedicated parent, and working professional - faced with financial choices that seem daunting and unfamiliar.

Navigating this journey alone can quickly become overwhelming, leading to restless nights and second-guessing yourself.

Everyone deserves a dependable financial advisor by their side. We're always ready to offer insight, support and guide you when challenges arise, and help you confidently make financial decisions. Together, we'll transform your financial journey from a path of worry, to one of empowerment and confidence.

Jaime James Financial & Insurance
"Super helpful and informative. I'm excited to try and make future decisions with updated, accurate and forecasted info!"

Jillaine H

Tashya Paul
Tashya Paul
Financial Advisor & Insurance Strategist

Tashya combines analytical acumen with empathetic counsel. She transforms financial challenges into victories and equips clients with strategies for lasting prosperity becuase everyone deserves to navigate their financial story with confidence and peace of mind.

Jaime James
Jaime James
Financial Advisor, Insurance Strategist, Mentor

A seasoned navigator of complex narratives, Jaime brings an unwavering dedication to each client's financial well-being. She's not just planning financial strategies; she's crafting pathways that empowers and enriches your journey to a Healthy Wealthy Life.

Jennifer James
Jennifer James
Client Care Executive & Queen of Admin

Jennifer brings over a decade of insurance industry acumen and a firsthand understanding of financial security to masterfully handle clients' administrative needs.

"It’s always a bit awkward with recommendations in case they don't work out! My friends couldn't be happier with the service you have provided them with! It's lovely to hear that they had the same experience as me."

Jody C

Connect with us and start crafting your Healthy Wealthy Life

Financial Advice, Insurance & KiwiSaver from Jaime James

Connect & Clarify

Let's connect over a brief but meaningful chat to get to know your challenges, priorities and desired outcomes. We’ll discuss what kind of advice or services you’re looking for, answer any questions you might have, and go from there.


Strategy & Action

Next, we gather information for a productive meeting together to craft a financial roadmap, tailor insurance or optimise your KiwiSaver. Post-meeting, you'll receive a summary, and we'll swing into action on the areas you want to prioritise.


Ongoing Support

Dreams change, economies shift, things happen. What you want to achieve at age 30 could be different when you're 50. With our team by your side, we can help adjust your plans and strategies to live your version of a Healthy Wealthy Life. 

Important information about us
Supercity Insurance Ltd, trading as Jaime James Financial & Insurance, is a Financial Advice Provider (FAP) regulated by the Financial Markets Authority to provide financial advice and holds a Class 2 licence. Our Financial Services Provider (FSP) number is 749451.

You can contact us at:
Address: Level 8, 139 Quay Street, Auckland 1010

Phone: 021 527 069