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Insurance Strategies for Savvy Kiwis

A tailored safety net to protect your
Healthy Wealthy Life

Frustrated with increasing premiums? Overwhelmed with jargon and thousands of policies to choose from? Worried if you have the right insurance and if it will support you at claim time?

Our renowned insurance strategies include a 'high level' Financial Mapping. Together, we craft personalised insurance to bridge the gap and align with your priorities so you're NOT over-insured.

Having the right cover that's affordable and sustainable and supports you at claim time, ensures you receive maximum return on your insurance investment. Life can be unpredictable, but with the right strategies, you can protect what's dear to you and face life's uncertainties confidently.

Insurance Solutions for Savvy Kiwis
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Tailored Protection

We provide a 'high level' Financial Mapping, ensuring what matters is protected, without unnecessary costs. We craft tailored insurance to bridge the gap and align with your priorities, so you're NOT over-insured.

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Hassle-Free Claims

Challenging times should be about healing, not paperwork. Our team takes the burden of claims off your shoulders. So when life throws a curveball, you can focus on recovery and get back to living your Healthy Wealthy Life.

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Ongoing Support

Change of job, having a baby, increasing your debt or reducing your income? Plans change. We help you review your insurance to keep it aligned to your priorities, lifestyle and goals.

I wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help taking care of my insurance claim. It takes a tremendous amount of financial pressure off. This means I can focus on healing without having to rush back to work. What a relief!

K Turnage

Chis & Mia's Insurance Success!

Mia & Chris' Finances before and after working with Jaime James

Mia and Chris, two proactive professionals, with a mortgage and blessed with two kids. From an unclear financial path, looming interest payments, increased cost of insurance premiums, and not enough funds for a retirement on their terms, they sought a plan and strategy to craft their version of a Healthy Wealthy Life.

Insurance Strategy Results:

They approached us with existing insurance policies. Through our 'high level' financial mapping process, we crafted a family protection plan aligned with their unique plans and priorities. They were thrilled to discover that their kids' cover is now included at no extra cost. We successfully restructured their insurance, eliminating the issue of being over-insured and saving them thousands in premiums. This strategic approach ensures their family protection remains both affordable and sustainable, giving them peace of mind and financial confidence.

Check out how a tailored Financial Mapping strategy cut 5 years off their mortgage term and saved them $178,995!

Check out how we helped these legends also optimise their KiwiSaver balance to an astonishing $505,536 more than their original projections.

*names changed for privacy

Tailored Insurance Strategy

Plan and strategies to get you to where you aspire to be.

  • Tailored Insurance Strategy
  • A strategic 'high-level' Financial Mapping: Bridging the gap, so you’re not over insured (valued at $349).
  • Zeroing in on your unique priorities and preferences.
  • Research and Analysis: Assessing multiple insurance products to find the best match for you.
  • Due Diligence & Negotiations: Investigating and negotiating terms that favour you.
  • Statement of Advice: Preparing and providing a comprehensive tailored recommendation (valued at $299).
  • Smooth Execution: Setting your chosen policies in motion.
  • Enjoy exclusive access to our top-notch financial mapping software (valued at $399 pa).

Post-Implementation Care: Once we’ve implemented your policy, we don't ghost on you. We stick around for:

  • Policy Stewardship: Ensuring your policies remain aligned with your needs.
  • Claims: We facilitate claims so you can focus on recovery.
  • Check-In Review: Revisiting your policies to ensure they remain relevant and valuable.

* We believe in rewarding action and commitment. Therefore, we're happy to waive our fee if you choose to take up any new Life, Trauma, or Income insurance products within 3 months following our advice session. It's our way of saying thank you for trusting us with your financial journey.

It was such a pleasure meeting you and discussing financial planning, property and insurance. You’re positive, easily relatable and your personable skills shine through chatting to you. I will certainly be recommending you. Thank you for all your help.

Karin T

Pathways to crafting your version of aHealthy Wealthy Life

An insightful piece of financial advice can make or save you thousands.  
Our pathways have guided hundreds of clients, saving them time, money and stress.

Financial Mapping

Our renowned Financial Mapping crafts plans and strategies that resonate with your goals and lifestyle to create your version of a Healthy Wealthy Life.

Whether you’re striving to pay down debt, keen to start investing, saving for a home, or eyeing that third investment property, we're your team.


Our successful insurance strategies include a 'high level' Financial Mapping. Together, we craft personalised insurance to bridge the gap and align with your priorities so you're NOT over-insured.

Protect what's dear to you and face life's uncertainties confidently.


We assess your risk tolerance, investment timeline and objectives, optimising your KiwiSaver from a savings fund to a powerful investment strategy.

Don't miss on potentially thousands of dollars. Let’s help you take your KiwiSaver investment from average to Woohoo!

Fantastic advice and customer service! We will definitely recommend you to any of our friends considering their insurances.

H Compton

Connect with us and start crafting your Healthy Wealthy Life

Financial Advice, Insurance & KiwiSaver from Jaime James

Connect & Clarify

Let's connect over a brief but meaningful chat to get to know your challenges, priorities and desired outcomes. We’ll discuss what kind of advice or services you’re looking for, answer any questions you might have, and go from there.


Strategy & Action

Next, we gather information for a productive meeting together to craft a financial roadmap, tailor insurance or optimise your KiwiSaver. Post-meeting, you'll receive a summary, and we'll swing into action on the areas you want to prioritise.


Ongoing Support

Dreams change, economies shift, things happen. What you want to achieve at age 30 could be different when you're 50. With our team by your side, we can help adjust your plans and strategies to live your version of a Healthy Wealthy Life. 

How personalised can my insurance be?

Every policy is tailored to your unique situation and desires. Because we start with a 60-minute financial mapping session, we know what you’re looking for out of life and so can tailor your insurance to make sure you’re neither over or under insured to meet your healthy wealth goals.

What if I’m already insured?

We can reassess and optimise your current policies. Making sure you’re neither over or under insured, and insured for the right things.

How do you handle claims?

Our team manages the paperwork and processes, ensuring hassle-free claims for you. You won’t need to worry about a thing - just call us and we’ll manage everything for you.

Can I adjust my policy as life changes?

Absolutely. As your life evolves, so will your coverage.

Are there hidden fees or charges?

Transparency is key. All fees and investments are discussed upfront.

Do I have to communicate with insurance companies directly?

No, we handle all communication for you.

What types of insurance do you specialise in?

We provide a range of tailored solutions for health, income, mortgage and life insurance.

How do I start the process?

Simply book a call, and we'll guide you.