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KiwiSaver Strategies for Savvy Kiwis

A tailored investment strategy for your  
Healthy Wealthy Life

Many Kiwis aspire to a future filled with fun travels and adventures, the ultimate mortgage free home, and a retirement filled with financial independence and freedom of choices.

But many Kiwis are missing out on potentially thousands of dollars because they don’t know how to optimise their KiwiSaver.

We assess your risk tolerance, investment timeline and objectives, optimising your KiwiSaver from a savings fund to a powerful investment strategy. Let’s help you take your investment from average to Woohoo!

KiwiSaver Strategies for Savvy Kiwis
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We help you get clarity by assessing your risk tolerance, investment timeline, and objectives. We can even model your current and future projections.

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We'll introduce you to strategies you may not have considered. Together, we'll pinpoint the ones that resonate with your investment goals and lifestyle.

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Navigate the multitude of providers, fund choices and contribution rates options, confidently. Let’s help you take your investment from average to Woohoo!

"The meticulous financial mapping session provided a comprehensive overview of our current and future financial state. This process revealed we were over-insured and paying excessive premiums. They also identified we were being charged high KiwiSaver fees. They fixed all these problems. The experience has been truly transformative."

Tapere H & Shane K

Chris & Mia's
Financial Mapping Success!

Mia and Chris, two proactive professionals, with a mortgage and blessed with two kids. From an unclear financial path, looming interest payments, increased cost of insurance premiums, and not enough funds for a retirement on their terms, they sought a plan and strategy to craft their version of a Healthy Wealthy Life.

Optimise KiwiSaver Results:

Mia's KiwiSaver: Initially projected at $427,205 for retirement, her KiwiSaver investment is now projected to grow to $679,973 - an impressive 59% increase.

Chris's KiwiSaver: Initially projected at $465,909 for retirement, his KiwiSaver investment is now projected to grow to $764,721 - a staggering 64% increase.

By assessing their risk tolerance, investment timeline and objectives, these legends are set to enjoy a combined KiwiSaver balance that's an astonishing $505,536 more than their original projections.

Check out how their tailored Insurance strategy saved them thousands in premiums and got their kids covered for free.

Check out how our Financial Mapping helped them cut 5 years off their mortgage term and save $178,995 in interest!

*names changed for privacy

Optimise KiwiSaver Session

Plan and strategies to get you to where you aspire to be.

*$150 + GST
  • We assess your risk tolerance, investment timeline and objectives.
  • Current and future projections on KiwiSaver balance.
  • We help you navigate providers, fund choices and contribution strategies.
  • We can transfer your KiwiSaver fund.
  • KiwiSaver Reviews.
  • A customised KiwiSaver Letter of Advice (valued at $175).
  • Enjoy 12 months exclusive access to our top-notch financial mapping software (valued at $350 pa).
  • * We believe in rewarding action and commitment. Therefore, we're happy to waive our fee if you have had a Financial Mapping advice session with us, or if you have insurance with us. It's our way of saying thank you for trusting us with your financial journey.
As a single father of two, working with Jaime and her team was a game-changer. Their financial expertise provided comprehensive family coverage without breaking the bank, even including covering my kids for free. Their financial advice and guidance on KiwiSaver has also put me on a better retirement track. I highly recommend Jaime and her team for fellow parents. They exceeded my expectations!

Patrick K

Pathways to crafting your version of aHealthy Wealthy Life

An insightful piece of financial advice can make or save you thousands.  
Our pathways have guided hundreds of clients, saving them time, money and stress.

Financial Mapping

Our renowned Financial Mapping crafts plans and strategies that resonate with your goals and lifestyle to create your version of a Healthy Wealthy Life.

Whether you’re striving to pay down debt, keen to start investing, saving for a home, or eyeing that third investment property, we're your team.


Our successful insurance strategies include a 'high level' Financial Mapping. Together, we craft personalised insurance to bridge the gap and align with your priorities so you're NOT over-insured.

Protect what's dear to you and face life's uncertainties confidently.


We assess your risk tolerance, investment timeline and objectives, optimising your KiwiSaver from a savings fund to a powerful investment strategy.

Don't miss on potentially thousands of dollars. Let’s help you take your KiwiSaver investment from average to Woohoo!

I found the session very valuable. While finances in general are a 'serious' topic, you created a relaxed environment where I felt very comfortable to share my current circumstances and goals. Thank you for your advice and taking care of my insurance and KiwiSaver.

L. Sue

Connect with us and start crafting your Healthy Wealthy Life

Financial Advice, Insurance & KiwiSaver from Jaime James

Connect & Clarify

Let's connect over a brief but meaningful chat to get to know your challenges, priorities and desired outcomes. We’ll discuss what kind of advice or services you’re looking for, answer any questions you might have, and go from there.


Strategy & Action

Next, we gather information for a productive meeting together to craft a financial roadmap, tailor insurance or optimise your KiwiSaver. Post-meeting, you'll receive a summary, and we'll swing into action on the areas you want to prioritise.


Ongoing Support

Dreams change, economies shift, things happen. What you want to achieve at age 30 could be different when you're 50. With our team by your side, we can help adjust your plans and strategies to live your version of a Healthy Wealthy Life. 

Is KiwiSaver right for me?

KiwiSaver offers a multitude of benefits, including employer contributions, government contributions, and the ability to use it for a first-home purchase. It's an excellent tool for long-term savings and retirement planning. It's advisable to seek professional financial advice to assess if KiwiSaver aligns with your personal financial goals and needs.

How do I choose the best fund?

That's where our expertise comes in. We assess your goals and risk appetite to recommend the best fit.

Can I change my contribution rate?

Yes, and we can guide you on optimising it for maximum benefits.

How often should I review my KiwiSaver?

KiwiSaver is generally a long-term investment designed to grow over time. However, life is full of changes, so it's a good time to review your KiwiSaver whenever you experience a significant life or financial change. Doing so ensures that your investment continues to align with your evolving needs and objectives.

Are there any hidden fees?

Rest assured, there are no 'hidden' fees - we discuss any fees clearly so you can make the most informed decision for your financial future.

What if I move overseas?

We can advise on the best steps based on your circumstances and future plans.

How does KiwiSaver help me buy a home?

KiwiSaver offers first-home withdrawal and potential grants. We'll guide you on maximising these benefits.

Is it too late to start with KiwiSaver?

It's never too late. Every contribution helps in shaping a better future.

How secure is my investment?

While all investments have risks, we guide you in funds aligned with your comfort level and market understanding.

Can I make lump-sum contributions?

Absolutely. We can advise on the benefits and timing of such decisions.