Jaime James

Jaime James

Financial Advisor, Insurance Strategist, Mentor
Specialising in Financial Advice, KiwiSaver & Personal & Business Insurance

After balancing three jobs to secure her first home by age 24, Jaime confronted a daunting financial storm. The Global Financial Crisis sent her mortgage rates soaring to 10%, and job redundancy stripped away her income. With a home she couldn't sell in a deflated property market, Jaime was tested to her limits. Despite these trialling times, Jaime transformed her challenges into a source of strength and insight.

Those defining moments ignited Jaime's passion for financial guidance and advocacy, leading her to become an award-winning advisor. Jaime's approach blends high-level strategic solutions with heartfelt, common-sense advice, consistently steering her clients through financial uncertainties. Her dedication goes beyond risk management; Jaime seeks to empower, enlighten, and enable clients to realise their financial aspirations.

Away from client sessions, Jaime is an adventurer at heart, diving into nature’s serenity on mountain trails and indulging in culinary delights. This zest for life is mirrored in her work ethic, as she strives to enrich her clients' journeys towards financial freedom and a Healthy Wealthy Life, ensuring that every financial decision contributes to a life rich in experiences and fulfilment.

NZ Certificate in Financial Services ( NZCFS Level 5 qualifications )
Level 5:
Life, Disability & Health Insurance – Strategi Programme Number 120621-2
Level 5: Investments – Open Polytech FSC523


  • 2021 mySolutions Award – Business Excellence
  • 2021 mySolutions Award – Top Achiever
  • 2019 Women in Insurance Award – Adviser of the Year Finalist
  • 2019  OneNetwork Financial Adviser Award – Champion
  • 2018  OneNetwork Financial Adviser Award – Champion
  • 2017  OneNetwork Financial Adviser Award – Runner Up