Tashya Paul

Tashya Paul

Financial Advisor & Insurance Strategist
Specialising in Financial Advice, KiwiSaver & Personal Insurance

Tashya's diverse work experience spans from the studious halls of libraries to 13 years in the rigorous demands of police intelligence and forensics. It's this unique blend of analytical prowess and heartfelt compassion for people in their most vulnerable moments that makes Tashya an exceptional advisor. She thrives on offering the same helping hand that once guided her, crafting financial strategies that bring peace of mind and stability to her clients' lives.

Outside the world of finance, Tashya is an avid swimmer, finding solace and joy in the rhythms of the water. Her love for literature, culture, and travel enriches her life with continuous learning and exploration. A Francophile at heart, she’s honing her French for future adventures. She also delights in fostering felines, providing a nurturing temporary haven until they find their forever homes.

NZ Certificate in Financial Services ( NZCFS Level 5 qualifications )
Level 5:
Life, Disability & Health Insurance – Strategi Programme Number 120621-2
Level 5: Investments – Open Polytech FSC523